VitaPure Bases Range 



Gelato Pro Cold Base 25 can be used for both cold or a hot pasteurized mix.

With a low dose of only 25 grams per Kilogram of product it is extremely economical while producing a clean creamy smooth  Gelato that carries the flavours perfectly.



Vitapure’s Pro 25 sorbet base has been specifically formulated for use with our range of fruit pastes but is flexible enough to be used with any blend of fresh fruit.

It provides a smooth texture with excellent ice crystal control. This base can also be used for soft serve Sorbet.



Our soft serve base is designed for a simple cold mix preparation and provides good creamy body and a perfectly formed shape on extrusion. It carries all flavours well with no masking of colour or flavour.



YoPro provides a subtle Yoghurt Flavour to either Gelato or Soft Serve.

Containing lactobacillus and it is the perfect product for creamy frozen yoghurt or Gelato.

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